Kyrsten Hodge (She/Her) is an Appalachian queer woman of transgender experience from Huntington, West Virginia.

Kyrsten is the author of forthcoming poetry chapbook A Whisper Among The Fireworks and the poetry zine “missladyma’mawoman.” She has previously published the poetry zines Kyrsten’s Poetry #1 – 3 with Porch Beers Press. A few copies are still available through Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD.

She is currently writing “Queer Cobain” which explores Nirvana’s guitarist and songwriter Kurt Cobain as a gender non-conforming anarchist, feminist, and queer icon.

She works in a library, loves eating tacos, and wants to be your friend.

You can add her on Instagram or FaceBook.

Download a free preview of “A Whisper Among The Fireworkshere.